[R-SIG-Mac] Quarts entries in the upper menu

[Ricardo Rodriguez] Your XEN ICT Team webmaster at xen.net
Sun Apr 13 00:48:17 CEST 2008


Working in this environment:

 > version
platform       i386-apple-darwin8.10.1                
arch           i386                                   
os             darwin8.10.1                           
system         i386, darwin8.10.1                     
status         beta                                   
major          2                                      
minor          7.0                                    
year           2008                                   
month          04                                     
day            10                                     
svn rev        45232                                  
language       R                                      
version.string R version 2.7.0 beta (2008-04-10 r45232)

I've not installed other R.app GUI than the one coming with 

Each time I open a new starts a graphics device driver by submitting 
quartz, a new quartz menu is added to the Mac OS X upper menu bar. If I 
close a given device, the menu entry remains.

Is this the expected behavior?

Perhaps I must close quartz in any other way to get this menu gone, but 
even in this case it seems to me that it will be advisable to state this 
clearly in ?quartz.



Ricardo Rodríguez
Your XEN ICT Team

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