[R-SIG-Mac] install.packages in 2.7.0 build

[Ricardo Rodriguez] Your XEN ICT Team webmaster at xen.net
Sat Apr 12 09:49:24 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Following previous threads I have installed and using a 2.7.0 beta release:

 > version
platform       i386-apple-darwin8.10.1                
arch           i386                                   
os             darwin8.10.1                           
system         i386, darwin8.10.1                     
status         beta                                   
major          2                                      
minor          7.0                                    
year           2008                                   
month          04                                     
day            10                                     
svn rev        45232                                  
language       R                                      
version.string R version 2.7.0 beta (2008-04-10 r45232)

When trying to install any package I get the error:

Warning: unable to access index for repository 

Please, what repository must I use? I guess the command must be

 > options(repos=c(CRAN="repository URL"))

Thanks for your help!


Ricardo Rodríguez
Your XEN ICT Team

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