[R-SIG-Mac] Viewing Multiple Pages of Plot

Sambol, Nancy nancy.sambol at ucsf.edu
Thu Oct 11 07:48:55 CEST 2007

Dear Members/Readers:

I have searched the web & this site for the answer to a questions 
without luck and wondered if someone out there could please help.  I 
am plotting in R (2.5.1)from a package (Xpose4) on an Intel Mac.  The 
plot images appear in the Quartz window as expected, except when 
there are so many sub-plots that they must be placed on multiple 
pages.  All but the last page of plots flashes on the Quartz window, 
and the last page remains.  I can't figure out how to access those 
first several pages.  In Windows, I would use the fn+up or down 
scroll keys, but that doesn't work here.

If you have any clues, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Please keep in 
mind I am not using the command line, though if that is the only way 
to address the problem, I'd be interested in the answer anyway. 
Thanks in advance.


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