[R-SIG-Mac] interrupting the package installer

Ken Knoblauch knoblauch at lyon.inserm.fr
Thu Mar 22 16:34:07 CET 2007

Hi Simon,

When this happens, I can't access the Stop button and Esc does not respond
because of the spinning ball (or maybe not because, but you know what I mean,
I hope...).  I didn't know about the killall command, so I'll try that the
time I run into this.  Thanks for the suggestion.



Simon Urbanek wrote:
> Ken,
> On Mar 22, 2007, at 4:12 AM, ken knoblauch wrote:
>> If it is not too difficult, I would like to request that it be made
>> easier to interrupt the package installer if, for example, the
>> local mirror is down.  I find that if my local mirror is down, that
>> when I try to look for packages, I get the spinning beach ball. I
>> haven't waited long enough to see if it stops with an error, but
>> I've waited several minutes which I think is a reasonable wait.
>> The only way I've come up with for getting back control is by force
>> quitting R.  If there are less drastic ways, I'd like to learn
>> them, but barring that it would be nice to have better control of
>> this.
> Have you tried pressing the Stop button in R (resp. pressing <Esc> in
> the console)? If that doesn't help, you can always issue
> killall -INT R
> in the Terminal which will stop this without quitting R. Currently, I
> know of no way around this, because R is single-threaded, so it's
> stuck in the connect call while the system waits for the host to
> respond, so it cannot even process keyboard or mouse events. If the
> host is invalid or your system already detected that the host is
> down, then there is no timeout and this is then no issue. If anyone
> can think of a solution for this, let me know...
> Cheers,
> Simon

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