[R-SIG-Mac] Feedback to Apple?

Geoffrey Hutchison geoffh at pitt.edu
Wed Mar 21 00:37:14 CET 2007

Hello fellow R users!

I'm currently serving as a committee member at MacResearch.org, a  
website devoted to science, math, and statistics on  Macs. In about  
two weeks, we'll be visiting Apple to talk about issues, needs,  
desires of science users and developers:

So I was writing to ask if you have particular questions or concerns  
which I can proxy? I think this is particularly important, since none  
of the other MacResearch representatives are statistics folks. (I'm a  
chemist -- I'm a happy user of R for data exploration and analysis.)

For example, are all the R.app compiler problems solved? Do we need  
graphing/plotting libraries for visualization from Apple? What  
feedback can I pass along?

Many thanks,

Geoff Hutchison <geoffh at pitt.edu>
Assistant Professor, starting Sep. 2007
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Chemistry
219 Parkman Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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