[R-SIG-Mac] configure.in on Mac

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Tue Jul 31 01:45:48 CEST 2007

On Jul 28, 2007, at 7:02 AM, cstrato wrote:

> I would like to add to my configure.in file the following commands,
> which should only be checked on Mac OS X:
>    if test -z "${DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH}"; then
>       echo ""
>       echo "${R_PACKAGE_NAME} configuration error:"
>       echo ""
>       exit 1
>    fi
> However, these commands should only be executed on a Mac.
> What do I need to do to be able to test if the configure.in file is
> executed
> on a Mac?
> I tried to use ${R_ARCH} but this returns an empty string.

R_ARCH has nothing to do with a Mac anyway. Try something like
if test "${OS}" = Darwin; then

However, I hope you know what you're doing - setting  
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is highly dangerous and often breaks the system, so  
the check should be rather the other way round ;). Usually, if you  
require it, then you're doing something wrong.. (or the author of the  
dependent library...).


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