[R-SIG-Mac] Quartz + ESS solution

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Tue Jan 23 01:44:35 CET 2007

I have put together a hack that allows to run old Quartz device from  
within a command line R (such R run in ESS). Basically it hooks a  
Carbon even loop into R's event loop and thus allows Apple UI events  
to be processed. It also makes R a front application such that it  
responds to mouse/keyboard and appears in the dock. Note that Emacs  
runs R as a separate application, so you will have both Emacs and R  
(with a blank icon) in the dock.

How to install:


to load:

Make sure CarbonEL package gets loaded by ESS such that Quartz is  
always responsive. This also works for R run from a shell such that  
Terminal or xterm.


PS: The above doesn't fix other problems with the old Quartz device  
(R.app uses a different, newer Quartz device! E.g. quartz.save(..)  
works only in R.app). It is just a hack for people that don't mind  
using the old Quartz device ;).

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