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Byron Ellis byron.ellis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 20:02:21 CET 2007

I think adding the hooks shouldn't be too bad in v2. Personally I was
thinking more about TextMate style completions and macros because I'm
not a big fan of the _ "feature" either, though the rcompgen stuff I
added last night maybe makes that redundant.

Of course, v2 can simply be driven from ESS (I changed the detection
routine so it should be able to figure out it's running under Emacs
without any help).

On 2/28/07, Simon Urbanek <simon.urbanek at r-project.org> wrote:
> John,
> On Feb 10, 2007, at 6:25 PM, John Shonder wrote:
> > To use R on my Mac, I had been running ESS in emacs under X11. I
> > found R.app, and much prefer it -- especially the quartz graphics
> > -- but there's one thing I miss about ESS: to get an assignment
> > arrow "<-" you just type shift underscore. In R.app, you have to
> > type the less than sign (shift-comma) followed by the dash. Coming
> > over from ESS, the extra keystroke bothers me.
> >
> To be honest IMHO it's one of the annoying "features" in ESS
> (configurable, though, I presume), because "_" is a valid character
> used in names, so you end up getting broken code like .Platform$r <-
> arch instead of the intended .Platform$r_arch when copy/pasting code.
> In old times it was legal to use _ instead of <-, so ESS was helping
> to make your code more legible without changing the syntax (a_10 was
> the same as a <- 10), but that is not true anymore.
> > Is there an easier way to type an assignment arrow in R.app? Some
> > way to make a keyboard macro perhaps? I've looked through the FAQ
> > and can't find anything. I appreciate any assistance.
> >
> = is probably the best one-key alternative in most cases.
> Unfortunately adding a "macro"-type thing is not that easy in the
> current setup (e.g. I could imagine using something like <alt>+<=> or
> possibly better <alt>+<->), but I'll see if it is easier for the
> upcoming version 2 of the GUI.
> Cheers,
> Simon
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