[R-SIG-Mac] building R from source

Rafael Irizarry ririzarr at jhsph.edu
Sun Feb 11 18:02:37 CET 2007


I need to build R from source on my intel macbook pro. i am wondering if 
there is a consensus on what gcc and fortan to use.
Ive read the FAQ and various posts but there does not seem to be a 
specific rec.

I am looking for a specific rec because sometime ago I successfully 
installed R by using the gcc and gfortran described here 
http://hpc.sourceforge.net/ but I think this caused problems later. 
After the install, I had various weird issues that  other macbook pro 
users i knew did not have. One of the problems was that ssh seg faulted 
after the 10.4.8. upgrade. The only difference I could find between me 
and others was the aforementioned install. After two days of trying to 
fix the seg fault I gave up and re-installed the operating system. ssh 
is working again after reproducing everything i did before except for 
the gcc/gfortran install.

Any recs will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

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