[R-SIG-Mac] Assignment arrow

John Shonder jashonder at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 11 00:25:48 CET 2007

To use R on my Mac, I had been running ESS in emacs
under X11. I found R.app, and much prefer it --
especially the quartz graphics -- but there's one
thing I miss about ESS: to get an assignment arrow
"<-" you just type shift underscore. In R.app, you
have to type the less than sign (shift-comma) followed
by the dash. Coming over from ESS, the extra keystroke
bothers me.

Is there an easier way to type an assignment arrow in
R.app? Some way to make a keyboard macro perhaps? I've
looked through the FAQ and can't find anything. I
appreciate any assistance.


Cheap talk?

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