[R-SIG-Mac] Cmd-Rtn in R editor

Tim Cole tim.cole at ich.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Dec 31 20:28:23 CET 2007


Thanks very much for this - it should be very useful.

NB I'm copying to the list for information.

Best wishes,

At 09:19 -0500 31/12/07, Simon Urbanek wrote:
>Hi Tim,
>it should be in the current SVN (i.e. try tonight's build).
>At 09:50 +0000 21/12/07, Tim Cole wrote:
>>I'm approaching you direct to expand on why I'm requesting this extension.
>>I've recently come across TINN-R, a flexible R editor for Windows, 
>>which you probably are familiar with. I was very taken with it as a 
>>development environment, in that one can maintain all commands in 
>>an editor window, and fire them across to the console for 
>>execution. This for me is a much better way to work than 
>>maintaining commands in the console via the history.
>>TINN-R has separate icons for executing the current line, executing 
>>the selection and executing the file, and each can be mapped to a 
>>key. The only part of this that is not available in the R editor is 
>>a way to execute the line, which (at least for me) would be the 
>>most useful of all.
>>I can't see any difficulty in principle in making the change, so I 
>>hope you will consider it.
>>Best wishes,
>>At 09:44 +0000 13/12/07, Tim Cole wrote:
>>>I use Cmd-E a lot in the R editor to source the whole file, but 
>>>I've only just noticed Cmd-Rtn to execute the selection. A useful 
>>>extension to this would be to execute the current line, which I 
>>>don't think is currently available.
>>>Could the definition of Cmd-Rtn be extended to execute either the 
>>>selection, or if nothing is selected the current line?

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