[R-SIG-Mac] Congratulations for R.app

Chabot Denis chabotd at globetrotter.net
Fri Apr 27 01:55:38 CEST 2007


I've used R.app ever since starting to use R on the Mac and posted  
here a few times. But today I helped a friend who is just starting  
using R on a PC. I thus got my first encounter with RGui.

Well, I was always grateful to those who gave us R.app. But now that  
I've seen RGui, I have to officially congratulate Simon and Stefano.  
R.app is more polished than the Windows program. For instance, my  
friend clicked on the up arrow to get the previous command back into  
the console. If he wanted to run it again but had to first change the  
name of the variable to the very left of the statement, he pressed  
backspace until he was back to the left and made his change. I said  
"why don't you just position the cursor there and modify the variable  
name. He said the mouse did not move the cursor in the console! I'd  
go mad. Mind you, I did not use RGui myself and maybe the problem is  
that my friend is too new with R, but even a beginner would be able  
to position the cursor in R.app.

There seems to be little that is available through menus in the  
Windows version.

So thank you very much, Simon and Stefano. And I just found out that  
R 2.5 and a new version of R.app were out. I'm goint to try this  
right now!


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