[R-SIG-Mac] Starting a TextMate bundle for R package development

Byron Ellis ellis at stat.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 26 21:41:32 CEST 2006

Hi all, I've started putting some of the stuff I've modified in the
standard R bundle into an R Developer's Bundle accessible at

svn co https://biogibbs.stanford.edu/svn/tmbundles/trunk/RDevelEnv.tmbundle

right now the only thing in the repository is my simple build script,
but it saves me a lot of time when building R packages. It does some
basic formatting of the compilation phases (including removing those
pesky indirect jmp warnings) but most importantly, it searches up the
tree for a DESCRIPTION file and starts the package build there so you
don't have to think about it.

I'm also working on getting the runit workflow suggested on the R wiki
working properly along with R CMD check output on different keys so
you can unit test your package quickly and easily. I recommend it in
conjunction with R.tmbundle and SWeave.tmbundle, available from the
TextMate bundle repository. There's definitely a reason Emacs did not
survive the move to my Macbook Pro. :-)

Byron Ellis (byron.ellis at gmail.com)
"Oook" -- The Librarian

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