[R-SIG-Mac] built-in editor underlining

jiho jo.irisson at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 17:27:41 CEST 2006

On 18 Sep 2006, at 16:49 , Simon Urbanek wrote:
>> emulate these functions in BBEdit? If yes how? I would really like  
>> to be able to use an external editor also, just for consistency  
>> between my different projects. Smultron is my editor of choice and  
>> it has R syntax highlighting but I don't know how to emulate these  
>> functions in it.
> AFAIR you can use AppleScript to do it from Smultron (or any  
> edtior) - you may want to look in the FAQ and/or dig in the  
> archives for it...

> From: Rob J Goedman <goedman at mac.com>
> For those editors, e.g. Smultron and SubEthaEdit, I have used a  
> product like iKey, which allows you to define a global 'hot' key  
> that activates AppleScript for you. In those cases it is not good  
> to use Command-E for source file as this is used too often. I tend  
> to use F12 and Command-Return for source
> file and execute selection.
> [...]

> Rob

Thank you very much for your answers. The FAQ just mentions that  
"Using AppleScript it is easy to implement Command-E and Command- 
Return like functionality." I searched a bit around (Google, hoping  
that it indexes the archives of the mailing list also) for  
AppleScripts that would do this, because I don't think I am capable  
of writing one, but to no avail. Does anybody have such an  
AppleScript available? Would it be possible to add it directly to the  
(NB: because the archives are not searchable I did not really dug  
through all of it. If you remember approximately the date of a thread  
about this just give me the date)



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