[R-SIG-Mac] help2man problem installing R-2.3.0 from source

Jean Thioulouse jtnews1 at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Wed May 17 10:17:52 CEST 2006

Hi Kieran,

This works for me, thanks. It will allow me to wait until Simon can fix
the problem (hopefully).


At 6:45 -0700 16/05/06, Kieran Healy wrote:
>As a short-term, completely ad hoc workaround, I ran the help2man
>command in the Makefile directly, but pointed it at my already-
>installed version of R (2.2.1) instead. I.e., from inside the doc/
>directory in the R 2.3.0 sources, and assuming you have R 2.2.1
>already installed, do
> > perl ../tools/help2man.pl --include=./R.aux --no-info --output=R.1
> > --name="a language for data analysis and graphics"  R
>(This should all be one line.) This produces a file called R.1
>containing version information, which is the desired goal, but with
>version info from R.2.2.1 instead of 2.3.0. You can edit the first
>line of the file to make the version number correct if you like. Then
>you can comment out the equivalent section in  doc/Makefile, viz,
> > #@$(HELP2MAN) --include=$(srcdir)/R.aux --no-info --output=R.1 \
> > #         --name="a language for data analysis and graphics" \
> > #         $(top_builddir)/bin/R
>Doing 'sudo make install' as usual (from the top-level source
>directory) will then work, as the R.1 file is now present in the doc
>directory. Of course this doesn't change the usual output of R --
>version (you'd have to edit version.c to do that), just the
>information in the man page.

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