[R-SIG-Mac] new GUI

Gerald Jurasinski terhorab at mac.com
Tue May 16 08:56:01 CEST 2006

Hello Maintainers,

I just wanted to mention, that the new GUI (ref 3141), which was  
recommended as an update when updating to R 2.3.0 still exhibits some  
undesired behaviour. So i can't save images from the quartz device as  
pdf anymore. The programme wants to save as Quartz image. So i can do  
this and then later open the file in preview and saving it as a pdf.  
but before it was much more convenient. Maybe it is a general problem  
with the Quartz devices: Often i got two of them automatically and  
one is always empty and it's not possible to get rid of it. This  
doesn't cause any further problem it is just a bit nagging.
However, i greatly appreciate your effort of bringing R to Aqua, and  
i am happy that i finally found R and learned (beginner stage) how to  
use it. One wish: The status region at the bottom of the console  
window could be a bit bigger (or growing, to always display the whole  
function usage) and the font used there could be a bit bigger (or  

Thank you
Gerald Jurasinski

P.S. Does anybody know a programme or package capable of producing  
two-dimensional correlograms (Oden & Sokal 1986)?

gerald jurasinski
university of bayreuth
95440 bayreuth
gerald.jurasinski at uni-bayreuth.de

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