[R-SIG-Mac] smultron plists

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at cuddyvalley.org
Sun Mar 26 21:42:59 CEST 2006

The Smultron plists have been updated with additional R keywords and  
some autocompletion words (function, matrix, crossprod, rowSums, ...).

Also the zip now includes a plist for Rd files, contributed by Dan  
(Dan.Putler at sauder.ubc.ca)

On Jan 4, 2006, at 19:47 , Jan de Leeuw wrote:

> Some people had problems downloading the Smultron plists. I have  
> greatly extended
> r.plist in the meantime and I have wrapped the two in a zip file at
> http://www.cuddyvalley.org/smultron.zip
> Unzip in the Resources directory of the Smultron application  
> bundle. I have just
> included the keywords and function that I tend to use most.
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