[R-SIG-Mac] R Console on Cocoa printing question

Mick McQuaid mcq at umich.edu
Wed Feb 8 19:04:12 CET 2006

Someone else told me the same thing: that changing the font
size on screen affected the font size obtained from using
the printer icon.

As a result, I was reminded of advice, on macosxhints, with
respect to another application, to delete the associated
property list file in ~/Library/Preferences/.  The relevant
file is org.R-project.R.plist.  (It is automatically
regenerated when you restart R.)  I did so and and now find
that I now have exactly that functionality, plus another
that I did not have, which is that the width of the printout
is affected by the width of the R console window.  I'm sorry
to say I didn't test this systematically, so I'm not
entirely sure that I held everything else the same in making
this comparison.  Thus, I can't be sure that deleting the
plist file is a sure-fire cure for this problem.

... regarding a message from Smith, Daniel (DHS-DEODC-EHIB) on Feb 08:
> For me, changing the font size on screen (using Command-+ for example)  DOES change the font size when previewing with the printer icon, or printing.  
> Daniel Smith, DrPH
> Environmental Health Investigations Branch
> California Dept of Health Services
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> Thanks for this suggestion.  The problem with changing the
> font size is that, although it changes the displayed font
> size on screen, it has no effect at all on the font size for
> output using the printer icon on the R Console.  I can not
> figure out where settings for that output are made.
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