[R-SIG-Mac] rgl window problem

stefano iacus stefano.iacus at unimi.it
Wed Dec 6 15:51:26 CET 2006

we usually use .Platform$GUI to check if we are under R.app or under  
the console
Un R.app .Platform$GUI="AQUA", under terminal it is set to "X11" (if  
R is built with X11 support, which is the case of CRAN binary)

p.s. and this is Cocoa not Carbon. The OS X GUI itself is called AQUA  
though. Both Cocoa and Carbon are layers between the system and the  
AQUA GUI. So, definitely AQUA but not Carbon.

On 06/dic/06, at 23:08, Duncan Murdoch wrote:

> On 12/6/2006 8:43 AM, roger koenker wrote:
>> I've recently installed rgl on a:
>> R version 2.5.0 Under development (unstable) (2006-09-10 r39242)
>> powerpc-apple-darwin8.7.0
>> system, from source and everything seemed to be ok, the package
>> loads without complaints, however  trying to run any of the examples
>> produces the usual window, but no plotting occurs.  The window
>> is blank, and moving the cursor over the window gives the dreaded
>> spinning pinwheel of cluelessness.
>> Can anyone suggest a strategy for further diagnosis?
> This sounds as though you are running from the console rather than
> R.app, but have built rgl (or downloaded a copy built) to use AGL in
> Carbon rather than X11.  That doesn't work.  AGL calls only work  
> from R.app.
> If someone knows a nice run-time test for whether Carbon will work I'd
> put it in to at least give a meaningful error message.  I'd really
> prefer it to fall back to trying X11 in that case, but that looks much
> harder:  for an OSX newbie like me, I think the AGL/X11 decision needs
> to be done at link time, not run time.  (On Windows I'd load the
> appropriate OpenGL .dll when the package loaded, and do all the calls
> indirectly.  But I don't know how to do this on OSX.)
> If my assumption in the first paragraph is wrong, please let me know.
> And if "Carbon" is the wrong name for the graphics system that  
> supports
> the standard Mac GUI and AGL, I wouldn't mind hearing that either.
> Duncan Murdoch
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