[R-SIG-Mac] Building R-2.4 on MacOS X

Bill Northcott w.northcott at unsw.edu.au
Mon Dec 4 23:21:01 CET 2006

On 05/12/2006, at 2:43 AM, Simon Urbanek wrote:
>> 1.  The CRAN binary contains a library libBlasVeclib.dylib.
>> Following the build method in 'The MacOS X R FAQ' this library is  
>> not built.  What is the library for and would it be worth building?
> R can be configured to use various BLAS implementations. One of  
> changes in 2.4.0 is that this can be done by switching  
> libRblas.dylib (e.g. via softlink). The CRAN binary comes with two  
> BLAS implementations - one using vecLib (libRblas.vecLib.dylib) and  
> the internal R one (libRblas.0.dylib). They have been produced in  
> two separate builds. This is equivalent to configuring R with -- 
> with-blas='-framework vecLib' and --without-blas respectively. The  
> libRblas.dylib is a symlink which can be changed depending on which  
> implementation you want to use.

Do you have any numbers about which is currently the better performer  
on the various MacOS paltforms?


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