[R-SIG-Mac] Using TextMate to develop R packages

Byron Ellis ellis at stat.harvard.edu
Sat Aug 12 02:33:36 CEST 2006

Lately I've been using TextMate more and more for development so I  
thought I'd share a simple modification I've made to TextMate's R  
Bundle for actually building packages.

The first is the addition of the "Build As Package" command (I bound  
it to Shift-Cmd-B), set to return HTML

while [ `pwd` != "/" -a ! -e DESCRIPTION ]; do cd ..; done
if [ -e DESCRIPTION ]; then
export R_PACKAGE=`pwd`
cd ..
R CMD INSTALL $R_PACKAGE 2>&1 | "$TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT/format_install.pl"
echo "<h1>No package to build</h1>"

Basically, it looks at the current file. Searches up the tree until  
it finds the DESCRIPTION file and uses that as the root for the R  
package build.

format_install.pl is just a really really simple script to highlight  
compiler errors and warnings for myself,


my($dir) = $ENV{R_PACKAGE};

my(@dirs) = split(/\//,$dir);
my($package) = pop(@dirs);

print "<html><title>Building $package</title><body><h1>Building  
while(<>) {
	my($color) = "black";
	$color = "goldenrod" if(/warning:/);
	$color = "red" if(/error:/);
	s|^([^:]+):(\d+):(.*)|<a style="color: $color;" href="txmt://open? 
url=file://$dir/src/$1&line=$2">$1:$2: $3</a>|;
	print "<p>$_</p>\n";

Byron Ellis (ellis at stat.harvard.edu)
"Oook" -- The Librarian

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