[R-SIG-Mac] Quartz questions

Tim Cole Tim.Cole at ich.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Aug 10 15:39:39 CEST 2006

Thanks to Roger, Rob and Simon for their responses. My quartz pref 
pane setting was causing problem 1, as Rob guessed.

This also explains another odd quartz feature I've seen. Go to the R 
quartz pref pane, tick the box to Override R Quartz width/height 
parameters, and set new values for width and height (not 5 and 5). 
Then untick the box, so the setting should be ignored, and exit 

Typing quartz() at the prompt now gives a 5x5 window, as it should, 
but selecting New quartz device window from the Window menu gives a 
window of the size specified in the preferences - odd!

Best wishes,

At 23:32 -0700 9/8/06, Simon Urbanek wrote:
>On Aug 9, 2006, at 9:52 AM, Rob J Goedman wrote:
>>1) What are your preference settings for Quartz?
>>>quartz(width = 5, height=6)
>>works on my system (as long as I don't use the override setting in
>>the pref pane).
>>2) Not sure if you can re-activate a previous window
>Yes, you can, using dev.set - not by name, though.
>>3) Are the screen resolutions of the 2 machines identical?
>Tim, you may want to send me screenshots to illustrate what you 
>mean. As Rob was saying, make sure you don't override any defaults 
>(safe bet is to move away the preferences file).

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