[R-SIG-Mac] simple line plots?

Don MacQueen macq at llnl.gov
Fri Sep 2 20:59:45 CEST 2005

This is a general R question, not a Mac-specific question, so you'll 
get more suggestions if you post on regular R help.

In the meantime,

>  help.search('error bar')
Help files with alias or concept or title matching 'error bar' using
fuzzy matching:

errbar(Hmisc)           Plot Error Bars
xYplot(Hmisc)           xyplot and dotplot with Matrix Variables to
                         Plot Error Bars and Bands
ncv.test(car)           Score Test for Non-Constant Error Variance
plotCI(gplots)          Plot Error Bars and Confidence Intervals

brings up three possibilities, the functions errbar(), xYplot(), and plotCI().

Keep digging in the documentation. Although I can't tell you exactly 
which one or ones to look in, there is undoubtedly something. If 
nothing else, search the R-help archives.


At 5:19 PM +0100 9/2/05, Ashish Ranpura wrote:
>I've spent quite a lot of the day trying to construct a fairly 
>standard line plot in R, and I have the feeling there is a simple way 
>that I haven't discovered.
>I have a large vector of measurements (TIME), and each measurement 
>falls into one of three categories (PHASE). For each PHASE value, I 
>want a mean of the corresponding TIME measurements plotted as a point 
>along with standard error bars. I'd like the three resulting point 
>connected with line segments.
>I'd like to have two data series like this plotted on the same graph 
>-- one in red, one in blue.
>Excel, as awful as it is, does this kind of graph quite easily.
>After sifting through the scattered documentation, the best I could 
>do was to store the mean values of the three points, plot those three 
>numbers against the values 1,2, and 3, then use the arrows() function 
>to draw error bars on each one. This is a LOT of manual effort, as 
>you can imagine (in addition to the means I have to calculate the 
>standard errors for each point, and I still don't know how to draw 
>each of the three line segments I need).
>Any suggestions?
>Ashish Ranpura
>Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
>University College London
>17 Queen Square
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