[R-SIG-Mac] vecLib and building R from source

stefano iacus stefano.iacus at unimi.it
Fri Sep 2 04:07:18 CEST 2005

On 02/set/05, at 03:44, Kjell Konis wrote:

>> You should also want to remove from the configure flags the  
>> options to build R as a framework and just set --enable-shlib
> './configure --help' doesn't mention --enable-shlib.  Did you mean  
> --enable-R-shlib?
yes, I apologize

you should specify

--enable-R-framework=no  --enable-R-shlib

>> In the end, given that you are using gcc-dp (darwin ports?) you  
>> should also run make check after building R to assess the  
>> reliability of your build.
> Will do.
>> Please, let us know your progresses here, we can put notes on the  
>> R for OS X FAQ.
>> I understand your idea of a "pure" darwin (i.e.not necessarily  
>> aqua & core foundation based) build, but I strongly believe that a  
>> "out-of-the-box" configure and build on OS X must rely on apple's  
>> tools as well on open source tools as much as possible (and IBM  
>> compilers aren't for free at the moment)
> I just checked and the IBM compilers do support -framework.  It  
> looks like the moral is turning out to be if you want to build R on  
> macosx you need a compiler that supports -framework.

as I said, you can live without the -framework flag but you need to  
specify the path or other flags for your compiler,
see e.g. sec A.2.2 Linear algebra in R admin manual


> Kjell

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