[R-SIG-Mac] minor mac problem

George Skountrianos skougeo at iit.edu
Thu Nov 10 00:55:21 CET 2005

ok i got r 2.2.0 to work on my mac just fine but im having problems 
with when i try to create a new data set. when i go to new data...new 
data set it opens up the window. so i name my set but when i click ok 
the window does not go away. is this normal? also the data editor will 
not allow me to name my variables. for example i click on the create 
new variable columb and row button and i get var1, var2  and then n/a 
n/a. ok well im able to put numbers into the n/a slots but i cannot 
change the var1, var2, ect names. any suggestions. ooo i have tiger 
10.4. thanks

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