[R-SIG-Mac] Help with Hmisc

Paul Rathouz prathouz at health.bsd.uchicago.edu
Mon May 23 15:41:47 CEST 2005

Andrea --

I installed this package from Harrell's web site at Vanderbilt.  Here are
my notes on how I did that:


Installed Harrells Hmisc and Design packages (from source from his web
page at Vanderbilt)

   1. Before installing, had to fake a library directory to avoid
      "warnings" (which would probably not matter anyway), but here it

      Did this in /usr/local/lib/gcc:

      Script started on Fri Mar 11 08:54:29 2005

      local% sudo mkdir powerpc-apple-darwin6.8
      local% cd powerpc-apple-darwin6.8
      local% sudo ln -s ../powerpc-apple-darwin6.6/3.4 3.4.2

      Script done on Fri Mar 11 08:56:18 2005

   2. Installed package by moving the *.tar.gz file to /tmp and then

      local% R CMD INSTALL /tmp/Hmisc_xxx.tar.gz


I think that I did get a few warnings during the compilation of Hmisc and
installation, but they have never seemed to make a difference and Hmisc
and Design are running fine.  By the way:

> version
platform powerpc-apple-darwin6.8
arch     powerpc
os       darwin6.8
system   powerpc, darwin6.8
major    2
minor    0.1
year     2004
month    11
day      15
language R

On Mon, 23 May 2005, Andrea Mestriner wrote:

> Hi to all,
> i am a new member. I'm trying to install package Hmisc_3.0-5 with R
> 2.1.0a in a Ibook 14'' with OSX 10.3.9, but this package doesn't work.
> In fact if I try to install this package from Package Installer with
> the Gui or from shell/line command i receive this error:
> * Installing *source* package 'Hmisc' ...
> ** libs
> /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/bin/SHLIB: line 1: make:
> command not found
> ERROR: compilation failed for package 'Hmisc'
> ** Removing '/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/2.1.0/Resources/library/Hmisc'
> ** Restoring previous
> '/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/2.1.0/Resources/library/Hmisc'
> R-Gui say that the package is installed but doesn't work. I need this
> package because Design package needs Hmisc as dependency.
> Do you have an idea to solve the problem?
> Thanks to all
> Andrea
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