[R-SIG-Mac] g77 from R-2.1.1.dmg won't install

Federico Calboli f.calboli at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jul 15 17:09:17 CEST 2005

On 15 Jul 2005, at 15:47, stefano iacus wrote:
> meanwhile, my suggestion is to remove the offending old version of g77
> sudo bash
> rm /usr/local/bin/g77
> cd /usr/local/lib/
> rm -rf  gcc   <- before doing that PLEASE check that inside the  
> hierarchy of this directory you only have g77

There seems to be LOTS of stuff in /usr/local/lib/gcc in a dir tree  
that is both deep and uninformative (no name, either g77 or gcc). I  
bet i's mostly C stuff, mostly .h files. So, to be on the safe side  
I'll not remove (btw, where does Xcode dump it's compiler? in the / 
Developer branch?).

> stefano
> I think one good option is also to remove the .dylibs of the old  
> g77 compiler in /usr/local/lib as well.

I cannot see any .dylibs connected to g77 there:

/usr/local/lib$ ls
BibTool                     libgdraw.1.dylib            libtk8.4.dylib
gcc                         libgdraw.dylib              libtkstub8.4.a
libbib.a                    libgdraw.la                  
libfreetype.6.3.7.dylib     libgunicode.2.0.2.dylib      
libfreetype.6.dylib         libgunicode.2.dylib          
libfreetype.a               libgunicode.dylib            
libfreetype.dylib           libgunicode.la              pkgconfig
libfreetype.la              libiberty.a                 tcl8.4
libfrtbegin.a               libpng.a                    tclConfig.sh
libg2c.a                    libpng12.a                  tk8.4
libg2c.la                   libtcl8.4.dylib             tkConfig.sh
libgdraw.1.0.8.dylib        libtclstub8.4.a



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