[R-SIG-Mac] An issue (bug?) with identify()

Matthew Fero mfero at fhcrc.org
Wed Jan 19 08:31:28 CET 2005

Your example works fine for me on R cocoa v1.01.    See below.

> Hi,
> This is an issue that a student is running into using the identify
> function. Here is an example problem he reported:
> > plot(1:10)
> > identify(1:10)

Click on the points of interest being displayed in the Quartz window.
Hit "ESC" if using Quartz device.
The labels show up on the graph at this point.
The error "no point with 0.25 inches" is returned if you clicked on the 
graph more than 0.25 inches from the closest point.
(I suppose it should read, "no point within 0.25 inches".)

Matthew Fero

> warning: no point with 0.25 inches   (when I use the left mouse button,
> it makes the sound that indicates that I am trying to perform an action
> that
> the mouse cannot perform)
> 2005-01-18 08:11:44.216 R[397] Unknown event from locator   (when I use
> the right mouse button)
> numeric(0)
> Dan Putler
	[[alternative text/enriched version deleted]]

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