[R-SIG-Mac] Binary packages on CRAN

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Mon Jan 10 08:52:08 CET 2005


How is it decided what packages are offered as binaries for Mac and 
what other packages are only offered as source? Is it by "popular 
demand"? If so, I suggest adding Hmisc to the binaries for Mac OS X. I 
tend to go see those first when trying to find which packages might be 
of use to me. Hence I did not discover this package until someone 
recommended it to me. It seems quite useful and maybe others would use 
it to.

Anyway, I installed it on an iMac running Panther and got a warning at 
the end of the installation, something about chmod not being allowed. 
It seems to work though.

I just installed it on my PB running Jaguar and got this:

Warning message:
Installation of package Hmisc had non-zero exit status in: 
install.packages(ui.pkgs, CRAN = getOption(where), contriburl = 

Should I be worried?


	[[alternative text/enriched version deleted]]

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