[R-SIG-Mac] How to put nice R graphics into powerpoint

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Thu Feb 10 21:20:39 CET 2005

Well I really appreciate the efforts and the willingness to help of 
people on this list, but I agree that the pict format has no future and 
I'd hate to see Stefano's precious time being invested in working on a 
R device for it, considering that I can produce png with acceptable 
quality, bot with R when R11 is running and in Illustrator, by choosing 
export instead of save for office or save for the web. All three of 
these export options save to png format, but only the first one allows 
you to specify resolution. By cranking up resolution (150 instead of 
the default 72) I managed to create png graphics that do not look fuzzy 
in PowerPoint.

I am very surprised, however, that all those picture converters out 
there only export to raster pict even when the starting format is 

I don't really wish to see any effort going into a wmf device for R 
either, as wmf does not "always" import well into PowerPoint anyway. 
Some weird things often happen.

And finally, I don't intend to stay on a 1998 vintage PB for much 
longer, I'll buy my own computer in the next few months if my employer 
does not allow one. And then I can try Keynote!

Le 10 févr. 2005, à 20:14, Simon Urbanek a écrit :

> On Feb 10, 2005, at 1:11 PM, Denis Chabot wrote:
>> As for a R-based solution, a pict device would solve my problem just 
>> as well as a wmf device.
> I did some digging on the PICT device, and I have some bad news and 
> some good news. The bad news is that Cocoa has no way to create a PICT 
> file - it supports PDF only, so we cannot use the Quartz device for 
> it. The good news is that it is actually possible to create PICT files 
> using QuickDraw - which means that the old device used in Carbon R 
> could be presumably used to put that together. However, there were 
> significant changes in R since then, so it may be a lot of work. 
> Stefano is very busy and I know of no other Carbon R developers, so it 
> may be put on the wishlist, but unless you find someone else willing 
> to tackle this, it may stay there for a while ... :(
> Cheers,
> Simon

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