[R-SIG-Mac] contrib.url on OSX ?!

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Thu Dec 1 13:36:00 CET 2005

On 12/1/05 3:40 AM, "stefano iacus" <jago at mclink.it> wrote:

> Sean,
> if type is set to mac.binary, then the contrib url is what reported
> by Seth (and 2.3 only applies to R-devel, no binaries available at
> the moment unless you point to a repository that builds packages
> against R-devel. I think Seth is using R-devel for his test).
> If you install from source, then it should not happen that you get
> "macosx" in the url, as we only have one "path" for the sources (no
> matter the architecture).
> On R-2.2.0 I get
>> contrib.url('foo')
> [1] "foo/bin/macosx/powerpc/contrib/2.2"
> which is correct. Cran binary of CRAN reports
>> sessionInfo()
> R version 2.2.0, 2005-10-06, powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0
> so it seems to me that Sean is using a R-devel version of R-2.1.0 and
> not the final one.
> The contrib.url function has been changed indeed just before official
> final release of R-2.2.0
> stefano


Thanks for these details.  That is probably the issue, as this particular R
version was a devel version.


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