[R-SIG-Mac] R Editor - syntax coloring

stefano iacus stefano.iacus at unimi.it
Fri Apr 29 18:43:46 CEST 2005

On 29/apr/05, at 18:24, John Marsland wrote:

> First, of all the new R-2.1.0 looks great on the Mac. It upgraded 
> effortlessly and I am hoping to be able to try it out on Tiger later 
> today, assuming the Police haven't cordoned off the Apple Store in 
> London!
> However, I have come across a problem. The new syntax coloring option 
> in the R Editor preferences looks great, but on large R script files 
> (mine is 500 lines) slows the refresh down incredibly. Each key stroke 
> take several 10's of seconds to action! It seems like the colorisation 
> is redone for the whole file on each key stroke? I am running R on an 
> iBook G4 800MHz with 640Mb and OS X 10.3.9 -- those of you lucky 
> enough to have a G5 might not notice any problem!

you can disable coloring from the prefererences
> As an aside, I note that R participates in Version Tracker but the 
> version number comes out as 1.10 not 2.1.0. I understand the rationale 
> for the Mac GUI having a version number of 1.10 but this is very 
> confusing. Either way the current version should be at least 
> consistent on Version Tracker.

the version shown on version tracker is 2.1.0


as this is R for OS X binaries.

On top of R there is R.app, the GUI, whose development  varies at 
different speed (we have daily building thanks to Simon)

If you mean the version tracker utils: it could probably be due to the 
fact that they take versioning information from the R.app signature.

I'll try to understand what's happening as I physically do the update 
every time


> Regards,
> John
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> os       darwin7.9.0
> system   powerpc, darwin7.9.0
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> minor    1.0
> year     2005
> month    04
> day      18
> language R
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