[R-SIG-Mac] Kudos on R-2.1.0

Stefan Hames rsh5 at cornell.edu
Fri Apr 29 14:26:15 CEST 2005


I just wanted to say thanks very much for Stefano's (and everyone 
else's) hard work. The install went smoothly, R.app is really great, 
it's very nice to be able to save graphics as pdfs, and to print 
directly from the quartz window.  I'm still exploring, but so far 
everything works. I really appreciate all of the precompiled binaries 
and the big efforts that that were made to put all this together.

Thank again,

Stefan Hames, PhD
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Conservation Science
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
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