[R-SIG-Mac] deleting in editor sometimes clears the whole editor window

Tiago R Magalhaes tiago17 at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Nov 29 01:15:48 CET 2004


Another little thing: sometimes - no always and I cannot link it to 
any special operation - when I press delete, the whole editor clears. 
There still seems to be text in there - that sometimes flashes, but I 
cannot retrieve it (what I have been doing is to close the window, 
not save it and open it again - loosing the changes I have made 

also, I don't know whether this type of little things should be 
directly sent to the mailing list or to some other place, let me know 
if there's some other way to report this little things - and I 
apologize for any wrong use of the mailing list

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