[R-SIG-Mac] select text in R console and editor

Rob J Goedman goedman at mac.com
Sat Nov 27 17:18:43 CET 2004

That indeed seems a very useful feature. Oftentimes I cut&paste the 
output of the
latest run into an editor window and then print/save it. Now, with the 
save R Console
option, a 'clear R console' feature would be even more valuable.


On Nov 27, 2004, at 3:41 AM, Denis Chabot wrote:

> Hi,
> Le 27 nov. 2004, à 12:01, r-sig-mac-request at stat.math.ethz.ch a écrit :
>> Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 15:39:01 +0000
>> From: Tiago R Magalhaes <tiago17 at socrates.Berkeley.EDU>
>> Subject: [R-SIG-Mac] select text in R console and editor
>> To: r-sig-mac at stat.math.ethz.ch
>> Hi
>> sometimes when trying to select text with the mouse in either the R
>> console or an editor script, there's no way to do it. It's still
>> possible to select in some other areas, but in others it isn't.
>> Noting that important, but it has happened once in a while.
>> ...
> I have something only partially related to add: I'd like to select 
> text in the console and delete it. In other words, after spending time 
> making a program just right, my console window is full of my failed 
> attempts. I'd like to remove the unwanted material (actually I'd like 
> better to just "clear" the console, maybe leaving the R version number 
> that is put there when opening R) and rerun my complete, debugged 
> program to have a clean output for archiving. As of now the novice 
> that I am had to quit R and reopen it to run my debugged program.
> In short I'm not reporting a bug but asking for a feature, just a menu 
> command to "clear the console".
> Sincerely,
> Denis Chabot
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