[R-SIG-Mac] questions and suggestions for R gui

stefano iacus stefano.iacus at unimi.it
Wed Nov 17 22:35:14 CET 2004

On Nov 17, 2004, at 10:07 PM, Denis Chabot wrote:

> Hi,
> I really like the new R mac gui, but I am not sure yet if it behaves 
> unexpectedly at times or if it is just my limited knowledge of R. In 
> particular I did not look very much for what has changed between R 1.9 
> and R 2, so I may do stupid things.
> It seems to me that in the previous R on Mac (1.9), all menu 
> selections resulted in feedback in the console. It does not seem to be 
> the case anymore. This is confusing because getting feedback some of 
> the time leaves you wondering if things are OK the rest of the time. 
> For instance, in package manager, if I select mgcv, I get "This is 
> mgcv 1.1-8" in the console. But if I take MASS, nothing happens in the 
> console.
you are right, we will add an option for this
> In preferences, I don't seen a way to permanently set my working 
> directory anymore. Choosing it with "change working directory" and 
> saving my working directory when quitting R does not set the working 
> directory permanently either.
still not implemented
> In preferences for the quartz device, the "change" button to select a 
> font does nothing.
this is not working yet, this is my fault.
> Also, while acknowledging the immense amount of work that the authors 
> of R gui have done, I would like to make a suggestion so that R gui 
> would be yet more mac like. In things like Package Manager, we click 
> on packages we'd like to load, but there is no button to select an 
> action to be taken on our selection. We have to "close" the window and 
> the packages get loaded.

this is not the case anymore in R 2.0, it was like that on 1.9.x old 
GUI. Now if you check the "load" check mark, you'll see R trying to 
load the package. If everything goes right the check mark stays 
"checked" otherwise is switched back to unchecked status.

>  It is counterintuitive, in other programs if we close a window we 
> cancel the selections we might have made. It would be clearer, I 
> think, to have at the bottom a <cancel> and a <load> (or just OK) 
> button. Do other users agree?
> Denis Chabot
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