[R-SIG-Mac] X11-tcltk packages and the Aqua help browser

Dan Putler putler at sauder.ubc.ca
Tue Dec 14 18:30:56 CET 2004

I'm working on a modified version of John Fox' Rcmdr package to use in a
course I will begin teaching in February. In preparation for this, I'm
making sure that the package is truly platform independent. On the OS X
side I have run into a minor issue involving how help files get
displayed. Specifically, help files that are triggered withing Rcmdr get
handled as plain text (which Rcmdr provides an X11 tk text window to
display), and not through the Aqua help browser. I'm wondering if there
is a way to have the html help files of Rcmdr displayed in the Aqua help

What may or may not be obvious from the above description is that the
Rcmdr package is written using the tcltk package, and I'm using the
standard CRAN version of R 2.0.1 on Panther, so tcltk widgets are
handled in X11.

Dan Putler

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