[R-SIG-Mac] saving graphs; jpeg(), bitmap()

Ulises M. Alvarez umalvarez at fata.unam.mx
Thu Dec 9 05:26:48 CET 2004

It looks like a ghostscript issue. Perhaps you should install/update it.

Good look.
 ( o )

P.S. I apologize for mi previous, wrong message, answer. 

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 03:54 +0000, Tiago R Magalhaes wrote:
> Thank you all for replying to my email.  Rest assured that I realize 
> that this is a luxury that I fully understand and appreciate.
> I have written a long email with the details of my attempts to solve 
> the problem. In very short: I couldn't yet write the files using the 
> R console. I can export pdf files using the menu and those files have 
> good quality for what I need - so if I can't solve this I will just 
> export those files manually (a little more time consuming but 
> definitely doable in my case)
> I have written in all this detail, since I might be the type of 
> person that you will end up getting a lot. (someone coming to R 
> through microarrays, no background in computer science but willing to 
> install the programs and willing to make an effort to have a basic 
> understanding of what is happening, at least the basic concepts.)
> a) I tried Rob's approach of having the Xserver running (little 
> triangle on the dock).
> I don't get an error any longer - it looks R is now recognizing and 
> connecting to the X server. Unfortunately the file that is written is 
> empty. It writes a file but it has 0 Kb (by the way, when giving the 
> error it also writes the file 0Kb)
> b) Simon Urbanek mentions that I should be running X11 from Apple. I 
> thought the X11 I was running was from Apple. I clicked on the icon 
> that was in the applications folder that has a big red X and it 
> started running XDarwin and I assumed that that was the Apple's X11 
> server. Apparenlty it isn't.
> I had to open this X11 to use XEmacs (that I installed with fink). I 
> have tried to look for that other Apple's X11 that should be in my 
> computer but I cannot find it anywhere. Maybe my computer wasn't 
> installed with that original Apple X11? Is that possible?
> Trying Sys.setenv(DISPLAY=":0.0")  or sys.setenv(DISPLAY=":0.0") in 
> my R gives the same message that the function doesn't work... (Simon 
> asked me to that this)
> I couldn't find the file ghostscript. There are 109 files with 
> ghostscript on my computer, all in the fink folders. But none of them 
> are the actual file (it's ghostscript info, patch, fonts, nox but 
> nothing that seems the file itself). I installed i-installer but the 
> installer.app is not there! (I sent the person an email about this). 
> So I don't have the ghostscript file. If I have it, where exactly 
> should I place it?
> c) Stephan suggests "set the DISPLAY var on your own". I don't know 
> what this means. I guess that is to link my X11 to R but I don't know 
> how to do this.
> d) I couldn't understand whether there is not a way besides the menu 
> to save pdf files. Or all those methods are also dependent on the 
> problems from above?
> Again thank you all - Rob, Stefano, Simon, for the help and all the work.
> ########################
> Rob's approach:
> jpeg(file="./Books/Good/l1lsat.jpg")
> op <- par(mfrow=c(1, 2))	# 1 row, 2 plots in this example
> hist(rnorm(100))
> boxplot(rnorm(25) , horizontal=T)
> par(op)	# reset to previous par() settings
> dev.off()
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