[R-SIG-Mac] Re: R on Tiger

Bill Northcott w.northcott at unsw.edu.au
Fri Dec 3 02:54:18 CET 2004

Just a few quick thoughts on this discussion.

1.  Please don't discuss Tiger on a public mail list.  Apple get very 
touchy about public discussion of stuff under NDAs.  It ends up with 
them getting more secretive.

2.  What used to be gcc-3.5 has been renamed gcc-4.0.  It is the same 
code only the name has been changed.

3.  If you want Fortran, it is very easy to pull Apple sources from the 
cvs at the FSF web site http://gcc.gnu.org.  Just use one of the 
apple-ppc-4XXX tags.  To see which one is the latest look at the webcvs 
first.  All the tags appear in the popup at the bottom of the web cvs 
To build Fortran just change the list of languages in the build_gcc 
script.  You will also need GMP and MPRF libraries.  Google will find 
them and they build without mods on Panther.

Finally if you just want a binary, apart from Gaurav Kanna's excellent 
site, there is a gcc-4.0 binary built last week from tag apple-ppc-4020 
on my web site for Swarm on MacOS X binaries at
http://banking.web.unsw.edu.au/w.northcott .  This binary package 
includes GFortran, libffi and libobjc-gnu (GNU Objective-C runtime) 
which are not part of a normal Apple build.

Bill Northcott

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