[R-SIG-Mac] font encoding issue

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at math.uni-augsburg.de
Wed Dec 1 23:14:09 CET 2004

Hi Denis,

On Dec 1, 2004, at 3:07 AM, Denis Chabot wrote:

> I just installed this versions: 1.02-pre build 786
> I still do not get accents to survive a trip to R console.

That is weird - it works for me, but see below and fetch tonight's 

> Worse, I cannot open R program (script) files that are saved inside a 
> folder with accents in its name.

True, I have fixed that glitch - cStrings were used in the file 
handling instead of native strings. Dropping and sourcing of files 
containing special characters should work now (since tonight's build 

> I will admit I have not tried yet to manipulate the "locale" 
> information like another user suggested on this list. After reading 
> your message I thought I did not need to.

I was fiddling around with the various locales, but it seems that Cocoa 
doesn't quite honor the settings (and R didn't really change its 
behavior either). This is no big deal for us, since we use UTF-8 
internally, but it would be an issue if we converted back to cStrings 
(what I proposed in my last e-mail), because then locales again 
wouldn't work. For now, I keep everything at UTF-8, which makes editor, 
console, file open/drop and copy/paste work, but the user should be 
aware of the fact that R will have some issues as I sketched in my 
previous e-mail.


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