[R-SIG-Mac] R in ESS. Add R functions to menu with the init.el file.

Tiago R Magalhaes tiago17 at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Aug 16 00:51:05 CEST 2004

Hi to you all

I have tried to have R working in Xemacs/ESS. I have installed both 
programs, tried to use R. I wanted to have some basic functions in 
the menu: change directory, load packages, save workspace, load 
worspace and such and wanted to have a init file that would allow me 
to do that.

I came across John Fox's init file (www. ) and that seems to be what 
I want, installing a new menu with functions as load packages, save 
workspace, change directory and so on.

I tried to use this as init file, but the file was done for PCs and 
althought I thought that ESS was platform independent I can't make 
the file to work. (Some of it works, but most of it and specially the 
new R menu isn't there)

If anyone has a "Mac John Fox" file or any file that would do this 
type of  R customization it would be wonderfully welcomed!

Thank you very much for any help.

I'm using a PowerBook G4 using Panther OS X. Xemacs 21.4 and ESS is 5.2.2.

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