[R-SIG-Mac]Contributed packages for Carbon R 1.7.0

Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Sun May 4 14:42:53 MEST 2003

I have uploaded just now on CRAN several prebuilt contributed packages 
for Carbon R 1.7.0.

These include the Bioconductor 1.1 bundle as well.

As 1.7.0 is the last Carbon port of R this applies to the packages as 
well, i.e. I will not build more packages or new releases of them (for 
example the forthcaoming version of Bioconductor)

If you really need some additional package which is not there you can 
try to write me and I'll do my best but, if they're not present, I was 
probably unable to build them for you.

In a couple of days you should find these packages mirrored over the 


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