[R-SIG-Mac] gifi build of R

Don MacQueen macq at llnl.gov
Thu Jun 19 17:11:48 MEST 2003

I would like to thank Jan publicly for his work with R on the OS X 
platform during the last few years. Jan, I appreciate your work very 


At 2:45 PM -0700 6/19/03, Jan de Leeuw wrote:
>With the unification of R, and the disappearance of the non-Mach-O
>version of Carbon R, I think my maintenance job is done. There will
>presumably remain a build of Aqua/Darwin R on gifi, although it may
>move behind the firewall, but it will be more experimental and less
>complete (and not mentioned on CRAN).
>You can now get excellent instructions for building R from
>Stefano's site, and the Aqua GUI is maturing rapidly. I, for one,
>cannot wait to go native and dump all references to X11 and
>fink. On my new Panther machine with two PPC 970's.
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