[R-SIG-Mac]Updates on gifi

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw@stat.ucla.edu
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:57:20 -0800


R-1.6.2 is updated to use the newest CRAN packages and the newest fink
libraries. It is actually R-patched of 02-10-03. I am not distributing 
fink libraries any more, you have to build your own, and get Apple's 
X11 (this uses version 0.2). There are now 295 R package binaries 

MacPython-2.3a is updated from CVS, with updated versions of PyObjc,
Numeric, Numarray, wxPython, and now also with PyOpenGL and PYRO.

Ruby-1.8.0 is updated from CVS, and it contains the newest version of