[R-SIG-Mac]ANN: StatPaper Tech Test 3

Byron Ellis bellis at hsph.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 29 17:37:12 MEST 2003

First off, I've released a third technology test for StatPaper. A brief 
list of changes:

	* Automatically detect Darwin or Fink installations of R (preference 
in that order)
	* The OpenMath package is part of the application and bootstrapped 
during the local kernel launch process (read: you don't have to do 
anything except launch StatPaper)
	* Backend cleaned up and modified to allow for pagination. There are 
still some gotchas but it does a much better job now. It also has much 
better caret tracking and should always keep the caret in view.
	* The ability to delete blocks (yay!)
	* You can save files as a "package" (similar to Keynote), which 
contains an XML file and the PDF files used for plots.
	* Internally the notion of linking blocks is supported. This will 
become important when drag-n-drop rearrangement of blocks is supported 
so that code execution will update the appropriate set of blocks
	* A smarter plot layout (that will eventually be attached to a plot 
management panel)

I'm sure I've missed other things so I encourage y'all to check it out 
at its new home http://statpaper.sf.net
You can also check out a copy from CVS in the usual SourceForge manner 
(the OpenMath package is also in CVS)

Feedback is, as always, welcome.

Byron Ellis (bellis at hsph.harvard.edu)
"Oook" - The Librarian

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