[R-SIG-Mac]MacPython based R interfaces

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Sun Apr 20 18:01:18 MEST 2003


now has a compressed disk image with a MacPython-2.3 installer. This
gives you R GUI's (more precisely RPy GUI's) based on IDLE (if you
want to use Tcl/Tk), on Pycrust (if you want to use wxWindows), and
on PythonIDE (if you want to use X11). In all three you can use the
quartz device, with the Python GUI's making sure that events are
handled the correct way. Moreover you can mix Python, Rpy,
Tkinter, wxPython code for maximum flexibility. Unfortunately this
implies you cannot use R code, you have to use Rpy code. But
you can make your mixed code files into double clickable applications
by using the BuildApplet tool.

Since I don't want to push 100MB over a phone line, I'll upload
the updated R-1.7.0 installer on Tuesday. This will have the
ncurses and tcl/tk dylibs that were missing from the first effort.
This gives you the terminal and gnome GUI's for R, in which
you cannot use quartz, and in which the tcl/tk is strictly X11 based.

The third disk image will be Carbon emacs with ESS -- yet
another R GUI. The current CVS version does not work  properly,
I am trying to figure that one out.
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