[R-SIG-Mac]StatPaper Tech Test 2 Posted

Byron Ellis bellis at hsph.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 9 02:04:09 MEST 2003

Ok, I went ahead an posted TT2 for StatPaper. I mostly delayed from 
this afternoon to see if I could get plotmath working properly. While 
the metrics are OK, the glyphs are all screwed up (so while it doesn't 
generate an error, it doesn't look right either. On the other hand it 
is MORE successful than pdf() when viewing with Reader under OS X :-)).

NB: If you run demo(graphics) it generally takes about 30-40 seconds on 
my iBook (700MHz, 384MB RAM) so be patient. That said, it SOMETIMES 
crashes the kernel so if it sits for too long you've got problems. Like 
I said in TechTest 1, I'll be more surprised if it works than if it 
doesn't ;-)

You can get it at (as previously mentioned) 

If you want to compile the OpenMath package yourself you'll have to get 
and install the OpenMath C library from http://www.openmath.org (the 
INRIA implementation). 'make install' was broken under my copy of bash 
so you may have more luck with tcsh. It also installs in /lib and 
/include (?!) by default so make sure you check it. I built a version 
of the OpenMath package and included it (the OpenMath libraries know 
not this "dynamic linking" technology so you won't need them if you use 
the binary package)

People not using Macs may also be interested in the OpenMath package. 
It occurs to me that I should have posted a source package separately. 
I'll do so in the morning (I need to be up in 4.5 hours to go row so 
I'm going to sleep now)

Good luck and comments are always welcome

Byron Ellis (bellis at hsph.harvard.edu)
"Oook" - The Librarian

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