[R-SIG-Mac]When is PDF not PDF?

Gerry Brush gbrush@darwin.sfbr.org
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 10:03:45 -0600


I'm creating PDF files in R to insert into a PowerPoint presentation on 
my Mac, OS X 1.5, shortly to be OS X 2.  At first I was using R 1.5.0 on 
Solaris but found that the font, Helvetica, failed to display when the 
file was inserted into PowerPoint.  I had success when I created the PDF 
file in R 1.6.0 for MacOS (Mac OS X, not Darwin/X), but then when I 
added a dashed line to the graph, it failed to appear in PowerPoint.  I 
can live for the moment without the dashed line, but I wonder if I've 
misunderstood something about the use of pdf(), or maybe plot() or 

Thanks in advance,


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