[R-SIG-Mac]Carbon binaries for R-1.6.0

Stefano Iacus jago@mclink.it
Sun, 6 Oct 2002 13:33:09 +0200

I've just uploaded to CRAN the latest binaries of Carbon R.

You'll be able to get it starting from tomorrow morning on the main 
CRAN site.

In this version R binaries also contain the whole set of recommended 
packages. So you'll not find a separate archive any longer.

What follow are the relevant changes to this release specific to the 
MacOS. I'll suggest you to try the workspace browser (see "Tools" menu) 
and, under OSX, the new quartz() device.

Contributed packages will follow shortly


		Macintosh-specific changes to R


* new scripts to build packages: makeAdd, makeRcmd, makeBio
   all the makefiles have been moved to src/macintosh/makefiles
* implemented the Quartz device (when running under OSX only)
* brand new worskspace browser, see Tools menu
* added and/or fixed internally mkdir and rmdir. Now
   unlink(), dir.create() etc work correctly
* html help handled via applescript. More stable and
   almost browser independent
* improved applescript support
* implemented browseURL
* implemented tempdir and tempfile according to Unix/Windows
* Date arithmetic fails (PR#1819). This bug have been partially
   fixed. Arithmetic is fine now but there is still a problem
   with the TZ (Time Zone) settings.
* fixed a bug in Locator of Macintosh device. Now it is possible
   to interrupt it.
* From this version WasteLib 2.1x is required