[R-SIG-Mac]R on Darwin/X11

Don MacQueen macq@llnl.gov
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 08:03:38 -0800

At 19:20 -0800 3/9/02, Jan de Leeuw wrote:
>I will no longer maintain the Darwin/X11 version, since
>(a) You can get a better version from fink -- in particular
>if you set up fink properly you will not have the missing dylib
>(b) I have agreed with Jeff Whitaker (fink R maintainer)
>that he will put r-base, r-base-atlas, r-base-gnome, and r-base-atlas-gnome
>in fink.
>(c) I have agreed with Stefano that we will get working on
>an Aqua GUI for R and he will get working on a Quartz device.
>This will mean Quartz/Aqua wrappers around the
>Darwin/X11 version of R, best of both worlds.

This is quite ambitious, and I'm generally supportive. I think there 
are probably a lot of Mac users for whom this would make it more 
likely they would use R.

I do have one question. Would the ability to work in X11 mode go away?

Here's why I ask. Standard practice in the Mac windowing environment 
has always been that the window that receives keyboard input MUST be 
on top. When I'm using R, I find this restriction extremely annoying 
and counter-productive. I normally have the graphics window partially 
covering the top right of my command input window. That way I can 
make the graphics window larger. Many, if not most, X11 window 
managers have an option to allow this (it goes by various names; 
"follow-focus" is one, because focus follows the mouse). Please, 
please, please, if at all possible, have the "Quartz/Aqua" wrapper 
allow follow-focus. In all likelihood, "input window on top" is so 
ingrained in Apple's world-view that it won't be possible, in which 
case my request is to allow continued use in X11 mode.

To put it briefly, given a choice between X11 mode allowing 
follow-focus, and an Aqua mode that doesn't, this is a matter of 
personal preference that I feel strongly about, and I would choose 
the X11 mode.

>(d) I have agreed with Jeff that we will start putting R packages
>into the fink system. He has already installed rpy, which
>went without a glitch, and which now allows one to use
>all of R from python.
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